D.O.B: 08.10.1975 (Turkey)
Addres : Delft University of Technology, Chair of Spatial Planning and Strategy, Julianalaan 134 2628 BL Delft, The Netherlands
E-mail : c.sezer@tudelft.nl / cerensezer1@gmail.com


2005 – 2010 Ph D Research in Delft University of Technology, Department of Urbanism
The Investigation of Spatial Dynamics of Public visibility of Urban Groups,
Case of Turkish migrants in Amsterdam

This research analyzes the relations between locations and the ways that visible street establishments of Turkish migrants operate in Amsterdam. The investigation highlights the role visibility of a marginalized urban group as an important asset of a group identity, a neighborhood image and power relations in the city. Finally, the study proposes spatial recommendations to utilize the concept of public visibility as a spatial strategy to develop deprived city parts.

2002 – 2004 M.S.c Delft University of Technology. Master of Science, Urbanism
Resistance Places: Sultanbeyli, Gaziosmanpasa (Istanbul)

This research investigates the relations between everyday life trajectories of the inhabitants of two informal settlements in Istanbul and the movement infrastructure of the city. The findings of the study suggested that everyday life tactics of people in these settlements involved in making connections to the metropolitan scale of the city which is a necessary condition (on most cases) for establishing an economic livelihood.

1993 – 1998 B.A Istanbul Technical University (Turkey). Bachelor of Architecture
Graduation project: A housing complex design in Istinye Valley (Istanbul)


2005 Today Ph D Researcher, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft

2010 Today Chair, Association of European Schools of Planning / Young Academics Network

2010 May Co-initiator, A research proposal to investigate market places as spatial strategy to develop deprived urban neighborhoods, in collaboration with Dr. Camila Pinzon Cortes, applied for Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur (The Netherlands), pending.

2009 August Co-founder, UC.PC (International Research Network on Urban Cultures and Public Spaces)
The main purpose of this group is to provide a common platform for the studies of public spaces in relation to urban cultures. (Co-founders: Dr. Chiara Tornaghi (University of Leeds) and Dr. Sabine Knierbein (Technical University of Vienna)/ uc-ps.wikispaces.com (under construction).

2009 July Jury member, Excellence in Teaching Prize (AESOP).

2009 March Initiator, Co-coordinator (The PhD Seminar on Public Space).
(Co-coordinator: Wenda Doff, OTB. TU Delft)

2009 March Workshop participant, Urban Renewal and Social Cohesion (organized by FORUM, Utrecht).

2009 January Guest speaker, Workshop INTI (International New Town Institution, Almere, The Netherlands) Informal Settlements and Urban Transformation in Istanbul: Kagithane Case.

2008 April Co-coordinator, Workshop: Anatolian Dreams in Rotterdam
This workshop aims to visualize ideas regarding to alternative uses of selected public spaces in Rotterdam. It is organized by twelve Turkish architects/urban designers who live in the Netherlands, and realized with the contribution of city’s 30 inhabitants with Turkish background.

2008 March Participant, Urban Design Competition: Just Jerusalem 2050 (Organized by MIT)
With Dr. Camila Pinzon Cortes and Dr. Camilo Pinilla
“The Wall as a productive urban feature”


2007 February Researcher, in Research Project: Visualizing the Invisible (Amsterdam, Red Light District)
(With Gerhard Bruyns and Gregory Bracken).

2006 October Co-organizer, Conference on Modernization and Regionalism, Beijing / China
(IFoU) International Forum of Urbanism, http://www.ifou.org/conferences.php.

2006 – 2008 Lecturer, on Urban Theory in Master Course Urban Body, TU Delft


2005 June Co-organizer, the 5th International Space Syntax Symposium, Delft / the Netherlands

2004 – 2002 Study Master Course, TU Delft, Department of Urbanism.

2002 – 2001 Freelance designer (design of a private housing and banking office in Samsun, Turkey).

2000 September Participant, Urban Design Competition: Washington DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial
(Organized by The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation)
Theme: Washington DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial (with Soner Sahin).

2000 May Participant, Urban Design Competition: Sapporo International Design Competition
(Organized by Sapporo Municipal Government, Japan)
Theme: “Planning a city of Dreams, Designs for Sapporo, Japan” (with Soner Sahin).

2001 – 1998 Architectural Designer. 3M INSAAT, Istanbul, Turkey
Design and Construction of banking offices in Turkey and North Cyprus.

1998 – 1997 Architectural Designer. Aydin Boysan Mimarlik, Istanbul, Turkey
Design of a steel factory in Edirne, Turkey.


In progress (2011) Co-editorship (with Wenda Doff)A special issue on public space, Journal of Urbanism, Routledge
In progress (2011) Co-editorship (with Wenda Doff)A special issue on public space, Planning Practice and Research, Routledge.
In progress (2010, September) Co-editorship (with Camila Pinzon Costes) Market places, Betonart - Turkish Architectural Magazine, Turkey.
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Read, S & Sezer, C 2005, 'Urban ecologies of the contemporary city', paper presented at XXXIII IAHS World Congress on Housing 2005 - Transforming Housing Environments through Design (HUE), University of Pretoria.
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Administrative Window, Office, Excel
Graphic Design Adobe Creative Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design
CAS/3D AutoCAD, Autodesk Map, Sketch Up, 3D Vidz, Max, Maya
Languages Written and Oral Proficiency in Turkish, English, moderate level Dutch